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TGC Radio’s Audience … Incredible Buying Power

The New TGC Radio … It’s The Georgia Classics. The music you grew up with — the best of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s lives right here, all day, every day. It’s a special “back in your neighborhood” feel that we’ve created, coming to you from The Classic City — Athens, Georgia. Welcome back to the time of your life!

It's BABY BOOMERS and their BUCKS baby!

Boomers have been and continue to be the largest disposable income group in the U.S.  They’ve made their money, saved their bucks and now spend them on everything – like their grandchildren, things they need – or, just WANT.   Simply put, if you sell what they are buying…….they are your targetBoomer Consumers.

Your customers’ media consumption has changed...

How you advertise has changed, too.

WHERE THE BUCKS ARE.  Our core listeners, 50+ are very loyal consumers and spend accordingly on quality products and services they want to buy. A huge target group with ENORMOUS disposable income.

The combination of social media, specialized online content and streaming programming is key and (spoiler alert) is in active use by our audience. Streaming TV and radio is now the norm. Bluetooth it in your car, your smart speaker at home or however you stream. Their new choices should be your new choices.

How and why our audience buys

TGC Radio’s core listeners tend to be loyal consumers, and spend accumulated funds on quality products and services.

For sure, they (boomers) are big spenders in our consumer economy; in fact, boomers specifically spend more than the average customer in almost every category, making up more than 70.0% of the nation’s disposable income, according to Nielsen. (Source: Eric Roth, managing director, consumer, MidOcean Partners)

And now to your lingering question – streaming radio:

  • Radio has managed to adapt to the massive changes brought about by the proliferation of the mobile internet.
  • New, internet-based, or online radio platforms now account for over 500 million dollars worth of streaming music revenue and the format continues to grow with each passing year.

Published by Statista Research Department, Feb 11, 2022

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Now That You Know Where the Bucks Are …

The audience, the buying power, our new digital technology — the new way to reach customers. The boomers are “Right here, Waiting for You” (wait, who sang that song?). Welcome to Our Neighborhood … Our Music!



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